Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we operate on cashless basis so we only accept card payments .

Sorry but we operate on cashless basis. If you only have cash, then you can buy tickets at our shop across the road called Maisie’s. Sorry for any inconvenience.

There are no toilets on site, but there are public toilets about 30 seconds away outside.

Unfortunately the museum is up 13 steps and there is no lift. The museum was installed above our factory and space constraints made fitting a lift impossible

Yes of course, please just be mindful of other visitors

We may allow some small dogs in if they are well behaved and the museum is quiet. This is however at the discretion of the reception staff.

There is no onsite parking or parking on our road. There are various options in the area though; including several car parks and usually spaces on the nearby roads.

Some of our themed rooms can be a little dark for some people. This is to maintain the atmosphere of these spaces. Should you have any difficulty reading the information, then you can borrow a mini torch from us or use the light on a mobile phone.

Guide dogs are allowed in the museum. However, during holiday periods, we do advice people with guide dogs to come in the morning or near the end of the day when the museum is not as busy. This is because the rooms are fairly small.

The time taken varies a lot on you. The core videos take 12 minutes to watch so we say the minimum is usually 20 minutes. However the average is probably 30-40 minutes. (This is based on how many of the displays you choose to engage with.)