Embark on a chocolatey odyssey that spans 5000 years!

Our chocolate museum weaves is way through the colourful and surprising history of this most beloved food.

Your journey will begin with the ancient peoples of Central America before passing through nine distinct eras. There will be an Aztec temple, a Pirate Ship as well as a replica of a World War One trench to discover.

You will delve into the complex tapestry of how chocolate has woven itself into the very fabric of our society. (And get to eat some chocolate along the way!)


The museum is housed on the floor above parts of our chocolate factory. It makes use of multiple themed rooms and a series of videos will act as your guide, explaining the history of chocolate and how it has changed over time. There are five samples to eat, spaced around the tour to allow you to taste the history of chocolate’s evolution.


Our tourist attraction unfolds across nine eleven rooms, each recreating a different facet of chocolate’s rich history. As you explore, our helpful videos will serve as your knowledgeable guides. Additionally, you’ll encounter engaging activities, enlightening information panels, and captivating scenes within our immersive world.

We also possess an extensive collection of chocolate memorabilia and packaging which comprises of several hundred items. Look out for an original Mesoamerican drinking cup, a chocolate bar given as a present by Queen Victoria and some original pirate coins.


Our building is also home to Pendragon Drinks, a company specialising in luxury hot chocolates and some eating chocolate.

Here, we create a diverse array of products that find their way around the world. During our working hours, you can look into our world through a viewing window. (The activity levels vary from day to day so there will not always be production going on. Please consider it a bonus if you arrive at the right time.)


Why limit yourself to merely reading about the history of chocolate when you can taste its journey first-hand?

As you explore our immersive experience, prepare to be tantalized by a carefully curated selection of chocolate samples. These allow you to witness the evolution of chocolate, from its humble origins to the irresistible indulgence it has become today. So go ahead, take a bite, and let the rich cocoa flavour’s transport you through time!