Welcome to the world of Luxury Hot Chocolate, where indulgence meets perfection.

Our building is also home to our chocolate factory which specialises in luxury hot chocolates as well as some other decadent chocolate treats. Please click on the products below to visit our sister company’s online shop.

Our Parisian range uses real chocolate but has a sweeter taste than our Belgian collection

Our Belgian Style hot chocolate is for those who have less of a sweet tooth

When making a luxury hot chocolate, only gourmet marshmallows will do…

A 40g block of solid chocolate, just waiting to be stirred into a mug of hot milk…

The ideal presentation for showcasing your luxury hot chocolates

Whether you’re a chocolate enthusiast or a business owner, our chocolate bars cater to your cravings!

Join us on this mouth-watering  journey as we take you through a mesmerizing array of flavours and sensations that will ignite your senses like never before. Every sip and every bite is a tantalizing adventure.